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AutoVIEW 2a  Beta

Machine Vision for Today's Technology

March 19, 1997 -- AutoVIEW 2a is now available for immediate download. This is the Roslon Controls first commercial release of AutoVIEW. Until Now AutoVIEW was only avalable in a integerated package.


Features added Version 1.5a

4 Video Channel Support
Blob Gauge
Delta Distance Gauge
Edge Object
Center Radius Circle Object
Line Offsets
Property Editors
Tool Bars
Password Protection
Real Time Gradient Display
Real Time Pixel Location
Part Tracking
Object Auto Name
New Object Graphics
Selectable Object Colors
Error Tracking
True 32 Bit Windows NT Support
Long File Name Support

All registated user of Versions  1.0 , 1.1 , or 1.5a  can download this version. Your hardware lock will  work with any version of AutoVIEW  

Features added since Beta 2c

Gauge Results Reporting to Microsoft Excel format
Project Auto Load
Project Auto Run
Encrypted Password Protection
45 Degree Angle Point Object
Edge Count Gauge
Parts Per Minute Counter
Point Projection Graphing
System and Version Information Dialog
Template Images can be saved disk
Template Images can be loaded from disk
Both Calibrated and Pixel Location is now dynamically displayed
An Error Log for tracking Run-time errors, which is accessed through the Projects Form

Known issues still to be addressed

Version 1.0 and 1.1 projects must be converted to Version 1.5a before loading into 2a
All Objects must be created before any Gauges referencing them are created. Therefore if an Object is created after the Gauge that is to use it, the gauge must be deleted and recreated for the object to be recognized by the Gauge
If an Object is deleted that has dependents a GPF occurs when that object is applied
If calibration is set to an incorectly large value the objects are placed off the screen.
Tool drag handles stop responding if they are attached to an Object that is deleted
Project load time is extremly long up to 45 seconds
If an Object is name is set to an existing Objects name an error will occur the next time the project is loaded .
If a Calc Object is created prior to one of it's input the relationship has to be reestablished upon subsiquential loading of the project

Please note no Technical Support is povided for this release. Roslon Controls will continue to fully support. f Versions 1.0 , 1.1 and 1.5a .

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