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RCView is a very fast image browser which allows you to view and preview the following formats under Windows

Meta Files
Icons Files
Compuserve GIF Files

Click here to download

rcview16.zip 11/04/96 Download 16 Bit Version RCView 122K
rcview32.zip 11/04/96 Download 32 Bit Version of RCView 135K


RCZoom allows you to zoom in and view the data in images on the screen such as bitmaps and gif files. and RCZoom adds several rather unique twists

rcscreen.gif (18601 bytes)

It also displays the numeric values of the pixels in the zoom window
It shows the difference between neighbor pixels (1st dirivitive)
It shows the zero crossing of neighbor pixels (2nd dirivitive)
It allows saving of the data in the zoom windows as numeric data to be used in excel or any other package that reads comma delimited text
It plots,saves and loads 3D contour graphs of the zoom windows
It allows you to rotate the graph for a better perspective
It comes with a very fast integrated image browser

RCZoom integrates and comes with RCView

Click on any image below to view a contour plot of it's pixel contents

pillsm.gif (1733 bytes)     tipsm.gif (2233 bytes)    tanksm.gif (1813 bytes)    hosesm.gif (1871 bytes)     circlesm.gif (2794 bytes)    arcssm.gif (1255 bytes)   


Click here to download

rczoom32.zip 11/04/96 Download 32 Bit Version RCView 1m44M
rczmhelp.zip 11/04/96 Download Charting Help File 1.44M


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