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AutoVIEW 2.0



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AutoVIEW 2.0 final Beta

Machine Vision for Today's Technology

February 1, 1998 -- AutoVIEW 2.0 is now available. Anyone currently using Beta Releases prior to 2.0  can download release 2.0 from our download page. This is the fully functional version of 2.0., however we are still collecting data from our beta test sites to include in the on-line help files and manual. As soon as the documentation is complete it will be mailed out along with final software release

Features added since Beta 2d

MMX support - providing up to 10x performance increases
Blob Count Gauge
8 Point Circle Object
8 Point Circle Gauge
Fixed Point Object
SPC Charting and Data Output
Windows Metafile Output of SPC Charts
Blob Gauges and Circle Gauges can now be used as inputs to other gauges and calc objects
RS-232 configuration via projects form
RS-232  Data Output of Gauge Results
RS-232  Data Output of Object Results
Remote control via RS-232
Auto save of project data

Issues addressed since Beta 2d

An output is now triggered in the event of an input trigger over flow.
Input Boxes of Property Forms now have scroll bars to accommodate large numbers of inputs.
Tool bars can now be docked and un-docked to allow moving the AutoVIEW Main Form from the screen and still being able to control operation.
The results report is no longer automatically run upon Cycle Stop
A Debug log option has been added to record events that have been processed
All result data files are automatically assigned a unique name based on their name and saved in the project directory
All data files are saved in tab delimited format
The Object Drag and Size handles color can now be changed via the Project form
Windows screen saver can be disabled or enabled via the Project Form
Object links on projects created in versions prior to 2.0 do not need to be manually re-linked

Please note Beta Version prior to this release will no longer  be supported by Roslon Controls. However users of Version 1.0 and 1.1 can still obtain support, but our stongly encouraged to upgrade to Version 2.0.

Users of version prior to 2.0 can upgrade to 2.0 please contact our sales department sales@roslon.com for pricing

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