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When it comes to factory automation, motion control spans a large field of applications. It can also span just as large of a field of solutions.

The reason we bring this topic to light  in such a manner is to clarify an industry related myth. Certainly we have all come across a situation we needed motion control in one way or another.

The key is to come up with a creative and effective solution

What is meant by this you might ask ? Most motion control applications can be solved through the means of simplistic approaches.

Simplicity is paramount, it offers many benefits :
Ease of installation
Ease of Integration
Ease of Implementation
Ease of  Maintenance
Ease of  Repair
And typically a Total Lower Cost Solution (TLC)

What is does not provide is:

A cloud of mysticism for so-called gurus to hide behind
A dependence of the systems integrator
A complicated high maintenance cash cow for the systems integrator

Whereas a salesperson might be motivated to sell you a completely  closed loop,   multi micro-processor controlled,  totally programmable,   " Oh did I forget to mention the extended service plan  well let me fax it to you "   servo system with the option to upgrade of course.  when all that is really required is an air cylinder.

We will opt for the air cylinder.

Our view is to keep it simple whenever possible. We tend to look for simplest solution first. Our business is based on providing solutions not selling hardware

Not to say that the need for such complex systems does not arise

In the last several years servo control, of motion and force have become a larger part of Roslon Controls business. Most of our customers our finding that quality, precision, and speed, of the manufacturing process have becoming vital to survival in today's global market place. With increased competition rising from all ends of the planet, companies are finding that by controlling more and more of their repetitive operation through the use of servo implementation they not only reduce product cost but increase quality.

Roslon Controls has been able to move our customers in these directions, allowing them to maintain or for that matter even gain an edge on the competition.
Let us solve your future motion controls problems were sure you we be pleasantly surprised.

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