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Roslon Controls has implemented numerous control systems onto various industrial systems including we have been heavily involved in PC and PLC based control systems since 1984.

Conveyor Systems
Material Handling Systems
Automated Machining Systems
Automated Grinding Systems
Automated Welding and Gluing Systems
Automated Assemble Systems
Packaging Systems
Sorting Systems
Process Control Systems
Automated Riveting Systems


Parts Handling Control System
Roslon Controls has implemented control systems on various types of parts handling systems ranging from vibratory parts feeding to robotic placement of exotic alloys into X-Ray systems for molecular structure analysis.

If your application requires getting a part from Point A to Point B let us take a look at it for you. We work with several mechanical design houses and job shops which specialize in parts feeding and placement. 
Machine Control Retrofit
Typical throughout the years, most manufacturing facilities that have gone through expansions resulting in several vintages of manufacturing related equipment in their plants, some dating back to World War II.

More often that not, these pieces of manufacturing equipment were built to last. With proper maintenance they probably are as mechanically sound today as they were when first commissioned.

Needless to say good mechanically designed components and concepts seem to remain unchanged through the years .

However the cost to produce an equivalent piece of mechanical equipment has increased several times over.

Fortunately the same does not hold true for machine controls. The advancements in electronics and computers over the past few years has been staggering. As more and more of these controls are produced, the cost keeps decreasing .

This continuing trend has caused plant managers and manufacturing engineers to take a second look and rethink their strategies for the coming decade.

Manufactures that want to compete in today's world class market place should be seriously seriously considering retrofitting existing equipment with state of the art controls for automation.

To minimize on spare parts inventories, and personnel training, more and more manufacturers are even beginning to locate and purchase used equipment of the same vintage to retrofit for automation.

Roslon Controls has just finished several systems of this nature which are now allowing our customers to produce there goods, more economically, with higher quality in The United States as opposed to being previously produced over seas. 

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