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Process Control Systems

Process Control is concerned with the control continuously variable processes that require constant monitoring and continual updating of inputs and output in order to maintain a very precise set-point. Instead of discrete digital levels, process control mainly deals with analog levels which are constantly correcting. Typically this will require mathematical operations to be performed in the form of PID loops (Proportional,Integral,Derivative) see note below

Roslon Controls was involved in the Coal Conversion of the United Illuminating Boiler Number 3 at Bridgeport Harbor Station back in 1985 and 1986.
Our primary focus was on the fuel safety system, primary coal handling system, and secondary coal handling system.
During the design phase we were involved in generating various control wiring diagram and elementary wiring diagrams along with control relay panel layouts and operator panel layouts from flow charts supplied by Stone and Webster out of Boston.
During construction we were on hand supervising and consulting to ensure a smooth flow of implementation, deployment and testing.
The project was a great success for all parties concerned and propelled Roslon Controls into the Controls Industry

Roslon Controls was also been involved with various process control facilities such as Electro-plating and wire coating, painting and sealing.

Roslon Controls has developed process controls systems implementing the following elements to complete the task at hand

Temperature Control
Torque Control
Stress / Strain Control
Force Control
Pressure Control
Flow Control
Level Control
Vacuum Control
Humidity Control
Motion Control
Voltage / Current Control

For an excellent explanation of the use of process control in motion controls related applications dealing with PID loops see:
Designing with Motion Handbook By Chuck Raskin available from Technology 80 Tele: (612) 542 9545



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