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Test Facilities

Roslon Controls has worked with groups and team in various organizations who's tasks are focused in the area of quality and functionality. They need to ensure the products they manufacture perform to specification and are built superior to their competitor's products .

To help them achieve their goals Roslon Controls Has designed numerous test cells to perform both destructive and non-destructive life testing and simulation on their products.
This is one of the most fun and interesting aspects of our business to simulate the functionality of a product over time.

The systems we have worked on range from:

A 30 foot long test station which automatically extended and released a live retractable vacuum cleaner cord while measuring and recording Voltage current,power, heat, and time until failure of the vacuum .

To a hydraulic servo controlled artificial human knee ligament tester which would simulate the forces and stresses applied to a human knee during daily activities throughout the day while submerged in 98.6 F saline solution to simulate the human body


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