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Job Shops

Most Job Shops are very talented. They produce excellent results, with great accuracy, when it comes to building and fabricating fixture and gauges. Their work environment is typically one of intimacy, lending itself to a sense of personal pride that is often lost in larger organizations

However, quite often job shops lack the resources to design and integrate computer related control systems into their fixtures and machines.

For instance a manufacturing facility may have developed an excellent working relationship with a particular gauge manufacturer. However the project at hand is beyond the scope of this particular gauge manufacturer's capabilities. The project will need to rely on sensor feedback, close loop motion and SPC charting and reporting to give the customer the results expected . Knowing this a customer may opt to choose a full service automation builder.

By doing this the customer realizes, and is some what concerned, the larger facility may not produce the high level of results he is accustom to receiving from the gauge builder, in turn compromising the end result.

This is were Roslon Controls fits into the picture. We provide the missing link needed to complete the task, allowing the customer to have the result he is come to expect, in essence best of both worlds.

Some of our best working relationships have been with smaller job shops. They tend to be hands-on related with a excellent knowledge of what it takes to make a system function mechanically, more over they typically know what can actually be built and serviced as opposite to what looks good on paper.


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